Level 1 - Warm Up… Your first 30 days

Start by completing our unique Motivation Index to get to the heart of your motivation and get plenty of tips on how and where to improve it. The Motivation Index is a great tool and proven effective in corporate environments for the last decade.

From here, your challenge begins…

EMPLOYEES Receive daily 100 second video clips on how to turn up as the best version of themselves.

LEADERS Receive an additional 30 video clips on inspiring high performance.

THEN Complete your Motivation Index again to see what progress you’ve made.

Your first 30 days

Level 2: Deeper insights

Level 2 - Deeper Insights: next 30 days

After 6 weeks you re-complete your Motivation Index. You’ll get to see if it’s improved or stayed around the same. As a leader, you get to see the overall score for your team – so you get to see the impact your leadership style is having. The good news – you can celebrate a high score and take early preventative action if there is a dip in your team’s motivation.

Level 3 - Develop new habits… Your Next 30 days

Some 60 days into their personal development journey, employees and leaders will be acclimatised to being coached by their buddy, to using their journal and putting into practice the nudges from the daily clips. Both motivation and performance should now be heading in a positive direction.

Your Next 30 days

Level 4: Build motivation

Level 4: Build your motivation muscle: next 10 days

In this end phase, you complete your Motivation Index a final time. So far you’ve benefitted from daily video inspirations….the chance to work with a buddy…. you’ve kept a learning journal….and motivation has been a topic raised in one of your weekly meetings. You’ve now got the habits, tools and inspiration to ‘kick-on’ to maintain the journey and see how higher motivation fuels higher job satisfaction and personal effectiveness.

and we’ll provide all the support you need… whenever you need it

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If you’re a leader about to initiate big change. Or seeking exceptional performance. Or need to drive faster sales...all of this will require the goodwill and undiluted commitment of your team. MOJO Leaders equips you and your team with action-oriented daily inspiration. The emphasis is on self-directed learning. It should not be more work. Just use whatever meetings and one-to-ones you have scheduled – and liberally sprinkle with the MOJO Leaders tips and hints.

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